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Fiddle-L,10/98, Dan Peterson

Fiddle-L,10/97, Dan Peterson

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T:Girls at Martinfield, The
T:Phil Cunningham's Reel
C:Phil Cunningham
D:Sharon Shannon
BG|:E2~E2 GEBE|~E2BE eBge|fece B2GB|ceBG AFDF|
E2~E2 GEBE|~E2BE eBge|fece B2GB|1 ceBG E2BG:|2 ceBG E3F||
|:~G3F GBcB|eccB ceBe|cc'c'B c'2 (3c'c'c'|Bc'ef gfgb|
c'e~e2 fece|B2GE FECE|B,E~E2 EGcG|1 BGFG E3F:|2 BGFG E2||

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