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X: 5
T:Black Eyes
Z:John Chambers <>
Z:Transcrit et/ou corrig par Michel BELLON - 2006-06-18
Z:Pour toute observation
z2 ^d2 e2 \
| "E7"f3 e e2 | z2 ^d2 e2 | "Am"f3 e e2 | z2 e2 a2 \
| "E7"a3 ^g g2 | z2 b2 c'2 | "Am"b3 a a2 | z2 a2 c'2 |
| "Dm"c'3 b f2 | z2 c'2 b2 | "Am"b3 a e2 | z2 ^d2 e2 \
| "E7"f3 e e2 | z2 B2 c2 | "Am"B3 A A2 |]
% Typeset this file with the following command:
% abcm2ps -O
% This edition is formally not complete, as it needs more
% decorations currently not supported by abcm2ps.
%%topspace       1.5cm
%%titlefont      Helvetica-Bold 18
%%subtitlefont   Helvetica-Bold 14
%%composerfont   Helvetica 12
%%composerspace  0.7cm
%%musicspace     1.5cm
%%footer $D   Galouvielle-MBe 2008 \n-- (russia)

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