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"Danza del oso" is very similar tune from northern Spain

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One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement minor A 4/4 Has notes text No chords explore more...


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X: 28
N:"Danza del oso" is very similar tune from northern Spain
D:Dervish as "The Dancing Bear" on their first tape, "The Boys of Sligo"
D:King's Galliard (from Holland), unnamed 1979 recording on the Swedish
D:l Opus3.
D:Galway Express  (a Stockholm group that plays Irish music)
D:Metamora on "The Great Road" (late 80's)
D:Pyewackett on "The Man in the Moon Drinks Claret" (early 80s)
Z:Juergen Gier <> irtrad-l 2000-05-18
e2A2 ABcd | e2A2 A2AB | c2c2 B2c2 | d2d2 c2d2 | \
e2A2 ABcd | e2A2 A2AB | c2c2 BAG2 |1 A2AG ABcd :|2 A2AG A2AB ||
|: \
c2ee dcB2 | c2ee dcB2 | gdBd g2_B2 | A2f2 e2^g2 | \
a2e2 cdcB | A2AB c2ee | fedc BAG2 |1 A2AG A2AB :|2 A2AG ABcd |]

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