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Waltz One title Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement major D 3/4 Has chords explore more...


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X: 35
T: Midnight on the Water
I: Midnight on the WaterW-24Dwaltz
C: W-24
C: Luke Thomasson
M: 3/4
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack
R: waltz
K: D
A, DE| "D"F4 F2| "(DM7)"F4 FE| "(D6)"F2 A3 B| "D"AF D2 D<E|\
          F2 d2 "G"B2| "D"A3 D ED| "A7"FB AF ED| "D"D3:|
A Bc| "D"d4- dd| "(DM7)"dc BA Bc| "(D6)"d3 B AF| "D"D4 d2|\
      "Em"e4 ef| e2 d2 e2| "Bm"f3 a fe| dc BA Bc|
      "G"d4 de| d2 c2 B2| "D"A3 B AG| FE D[A,E] DE|\
         F2 d2 "G"B2| "D"A3 D ED| "A7"FB AF ED|1 "D"D3:|2 "D"d3|]
% %begintext ragged
% %This is the version played by George Wilson.  Though Benny Thomasson is listed as
% %the copywright holder, I've been told this tune was actually composed by his
% %father, Luke Thomasson.  It's been recorded many times, including versions on
% %"The Hammered Dulcimer" by Fennig's All-Stars (Front Hall Records); by Jay Ungar
% %on "Songs, Ballads & Fiddle Tunes" (Philo); and on "Goin' to Town" by Jim
% %Johnson, 6937 Salem Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230.
% %endtext
%%text 9/1/98.  From "The Waltz Book", Bill Matthiesen.

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