Listen to OURGOOD- Our Goodman came hame at e'en. &c

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Scots Musical Museum, #454

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T:OURGOOD- Our Goodman came hame at e'en. &c
S:Scots Musical Museum, #454
"Recit."E A A A|A A .A c|"in time"B2c3/2A/2|F3 "Recit."E|\
E A A A|A A Az/2"in time"c/2|B3/2A/2 B3/2 c/2|.A2c3/2d/2|\
e2c f|{f}e2 c3/2 A/2|B3/2A/2 B3/2 c/2|.F3 "Recit."E|\
E/2A3/2 A A|A2 A3/2 "in time"c/2|B3/2 A/2 B3/2 c/2|.A3
A3z/2 A/2|.e3 E/2 E/2|E3z/2 E/2|.A2 "in time"c3/2d/2|\ 
e2 c/2f3/2|e e c A|B3/2 A/2 c3/2 A/2|{G}F3 "Recit."E|\
E A A A|A2 A "in time"c|B/2 A3/2 B3/2 c/2|.A3 "Recit."A|\
E2 E3/2 E/2|.A2 zA/2 A/2|A2 A3/2 A/2|.e2 "in time"(c3/2d/2)|\
e2c3/2 f/2|e2c3/2 A/2|B3/2 A/2 B3/2 c/2|.F3 "Recit."E/2 E/2|\
E A A A|A2 A3/2 "in time"c/2|B3/2 A/2 B3/2  c/2|A4|]

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