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T: McCarty's hornpipe
C: anon.
O: Ireland
B: Francis O'Neill: "The Dance Music of Ireland" (1907) no. 831
R: Hornpipe
Z: Transcribed by Frank Nordberg -
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: A
(E2|A2)Ac ecAc|d2(fd) ecAc|d2(fd) ecAc|d2fd c2ec|BAGA BdcB|A2Ac ecAc|dcdf
edcB|Aagf edcB|A2A2 A2:|
|:(3(efg)|aece fece|Aece fece|defd cdec|BAGA BdcB|A2(Ac) ecAc|dcdf edcB|A
agf edcB|A2A2 A2:|
W: From Musica Viva -
W: the Internet center for free sheet music downloads.

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