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Carolan - Hibernian Muse 1787

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Air One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement major F 6/8 Has source text No chords explore more...


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X: 22
T:McDermot Roe (#72)
S:Carolan - Hibernian Muse 1787
c|AFF Acc|f2 F fed|e/2f/2gc dcB|Acc f2 g|
ab/2a/2g ab/2a/2g|fdd d2 e/2f/2|gcg ga/2g/2f|ec/2d/2e f2 c|
AFF cA/2B/2c/2A/2|FA/2B/2c/2A/2 F2 f|ecc dB/2c/2d/2B/2|
c/2B/2A/2B/2c/2A/2 G>AG|FAf fFf|gcg afa|agf ece|fFF F3||
GCC GCC|AF/2G/2A/2F/2 BGG|A/2B/2cc d/2e/2ff|e/2f/2gg ece|
fc'b a/2b/2c'/2b/2a/2g/2|fcf fcf|bg/2a/2b/2g/2 fd/2e/2f/2d/2|
Bc/2d/2g ece|f2 F fed|c2 A BAG|A/2B/2cc fg/2f/2e|f3-f2||
% Among Carolan's many distinguished friends and patrons, no one
% was more generous and loyal than Mrs. McDermot Roe, of
% Alderford House, County Roscommon. At the outset of his
% professional career in 1693, it was she who equipped him
% with a horse and an attendant harper; and it was to her
% hospitable home he directed his feeble footsteps in his
% declining days. Exceptionally honored in death, Carolan's
% remains were interred near the family vault of his
% benefactress.

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