Listen to Polska e. Erik Larssa, "Moll-dur"

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transcribed by Carolyn Hunt, taught by Agneta Wiberg-Ha?llstrm, Springdans 2004

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X: 7
T: Polska e. Erik Larssa, "Moll-dur"
C:Ans\"atten, J\"amtland
N:transcribed by Carolyn Hunt, taught by Agneta Wiberg-H\"allstrm, Springdans 2004
Q:1/4=120     %Tempo
M:3/4     %Meter
L:1/8      %ref note value
A-| A>^c (3d(ef) d>c| A>^c e>g f<e-|e(f/g/ a>)g f>e|(3d(^cd) e>c A>[GA]|
[FA]>[EA] (3D(ef) d>^c| A>^c e>g f<e-|e(f/g/ a)>g f>d| (e/g/)e/^c/ d3:|
|: (c| d)>c (3d(ef) (fg-|g)>f d>b a>g| (3f(df) (3d(ef) (3g(ag)|
f>e d>c d>f|e>d (3c(Bc) (3A(Bc)|| d>c (3d(ef) (fg-|
g)>f d>b a>g|(3f(ef) (3d(ef) (3g(ag)|f>e d>c d>f| (e/g/)e/c/ d3:|
%End of file

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