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Very popular as a Chapeloise tune (and sometimes claimed as traditional French)

(Jump at the Sun messed about, by Simon Garbutt, with apologies to JK)

transcribed from "Opus Pocus", the John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris Tunebook, Dragonfly Music 1988


John Kirkpatrick, via EF

Bernie Waugh

Cassette tape, many years ago

Simon Garbutt tradtunes 2008-1-23

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Sand dance! Jig > 20 transcriptions > 10 transcriptions > 5 transcriptions Has some stepwise movement minor major G B 4/4 6/8 Has notes text No chords explore more...


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T: Jump At the Sun
C: John Kirkpatrick 1972
M: 6/8
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack
R: jig
K: Gm
|: "Gm"GBd ^c2d \
| GBd ^c2d \
| gdd gdd \
| dcB "D"A3 \
| "Gm"GBd ^c2d \
| GBd ^c2d \
| gdd "Cm"ed=c \
| "D7"BcA "Gm"G3 :|
|: "Gm"gdd bag \
| "D7"add c'ba \
| "Gm"bag bag \
| "D"a^fd "D7"e2d \
| "Gm"gdd bag \
| "D7"add c'ba \
| "Gm"gdd "Cm"edc \
| "D7"BcA "Gm"G3 :|

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