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Loose sheet in my collection (possibly from RSCDS)

Flowers, Ross (MTO) <> scots-l 2001-6-12

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Reel One title has only stepwise movement Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement Never repeats a note minor E 4/4 Has source text No chords explore more...


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X: 1
T: Dumbarton Drums
R: reel
S: Loose sheet in my collection (possibly from RSCDS)
Z: Nigel Gatherer
S: Flowers, Ross (MTO) <> scots-l 2001-6-12
W: "Dumbarton's Drum" you wish to find;
W: The famous song first comes to mind
W: That Jean Redpath was want to croon
W: But could it be another tune
W: A forgotten air, like many more,
W: There's one solution: look up Gore!
W: If it's not in there I must insist
W: The tune you seek does not exist.
W: Aha! I see it - just before
W: "Dumfries House" - good old Gore!
W: A fine old reel (but that high "c"
W: Does not endear the tune to me).
W: So there you are, it might confuse;
W: The song or reel, you have to choose
W: If it's the former, let us know;
W: If it's the latter, see below.
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Em
GA | B3d  BcAB | G2d>e d2cB  | AGAB cBAG  | E2 e>f e2 de |
     g3a  bage | dBde  g3G   | ABge dBAG  | E2 e>f e2 :|
de | g3a  gaba | g2b>c' b2ag | agab c'bag | e2 a>b a2 ge |
     dega bage | dBde g2ga   | bage dBAG  | E2 e>f e2 :|

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