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Hornpipe One title Never repeats a note major D-sharp 2/2 No chords explore more...


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X: 31
T: Village Bells -- Hornpipe
B:Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes
u({c}B>.=A)|vB>eG>B E>GB,>E|G,>B,E>G B>Gc>B|\
A>FD>A G>EC>B,|=A,>GF>E F>_A=A>c|
B>eG>B E>GB,>E|G,>B,E>G B>Gc>B|\
A>FD>B, =A,>B,_A,>D|E>B,G,>G E2:|
|:u({G}F>.=E)|vF>ec>B =A>gf>e|d>ba>b =e>fc>d|\
e>c=A>e c>AF>E|C>{c}B=A>B F>dc>B|\
F>ec>B =A>gf>e|d>ba>b ^f>ge>c|\
=e>fd>B =A>FE>C|B,>DF>d B2:|

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