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Tony Crehan

Tony Crehan, Miltown Malbay 1993


a pamphlet prepared for Junior's birthday

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Reel One title Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement minor E 4/4 Has source text Has history text No chords explore more...


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X: 1
T:Mowing Machine, The
C:Junior Crehan
S:Tony Crehan
A:West Clare
B:"Junior Crehan, This is your Musical Life"
H:a pamphlet prepared for Junior's birthday
B|:E2-E2 EDB,A,|G,B,-B,2 DB,{C}B,A,|B,E{F}ED EFGA|(3B^cd ef gfed|
BE-E2 EGFE|DB,-B,2 DB,B,A,|B,E{F}ED EFGA|1(3B^cd ed e2 ed:|2(3B^cd ed e2
|:g2 eg bgeg|f2 df afdf|g2 eg bgee|f2 ed Beef|
g2 eg bgeg|f2 df afdf|gbaf gfeB|1dBAF E2 ef:|2dBAF E4||

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