Listen to Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation

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Author: Robert Burns The "rogues" concerned are the members of the Scottish parliament who signed the Act of Union with England in 1707. A very powerful song, but hardly suitable for a national anthem in my opinion. JY


Digital Tradition, parclrog

Learned from Paul Tebble, Edinburgh

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T:Parcel of Rogues
S:Learned from Paul Tebble, Edinburgh
Z:Nigel Gatherer <>
FA|BcAF B2 c2|dBAF D2 EF|GFED E2 FA|B3 A F2:|
de|fgfe d2 cB|AFED A2 Bc|d2 cd e2 de|f3 d B2 de|
faef d2 cB|AFED d2 cB|AFED E2 FA|B3 A F2|]

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