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Tape of Gary Hastings recorded in Portrush -81

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Reel One title Has some stepwise movement major G 2/2 Has source text No chords explore more...


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X: 1
T:no name
S:Tape of Gary Hastings recorded in Portrush -81
A2gA fAeA|~A2dA {c}BAGB|A2gA fAeA|DEGA dcBA|
{c}A2gA fAeA|~A2dA {c}BAGz|DEGA (3Bcd eg|1 {c'}aged cA{c}AG:|2 {c'}aged cA~A2||
|:{c'}aged cA~A2|GAEA DAEz|{c'}aged cA~A2|{c'}bagb a3z|
{c'}aged cA~A2|GAEA DAEz|CDEG Acde|1 {c'}aged cA~A2:|2 {c'}aged cA{c}AG||

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