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Uses dotted rhythm


"The Leitrim Fiddler" (Dublin 1981)

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Hornpipe One title Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement Never repeats a note minor B 4/4 Has source text Has notes text No chords explore more...


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X: 152097
T: O'Donnell's Rock
C: Joe Liddy
S: "The Leitrim Fiddler" (Dublin 1981)
N: Uses dotted rhythm
L: 1/8
M: 4/4
R: hornpipe
Q: 1/4 = 160
K: Bm
de | fafd egfe | de (3fed BAFA | B2 (3cBA BAFE | FBcA Bcde |
fafd egfe | (3def ed BAFA | Bcde fafe | (3dcB cA B2 :|
de | f2 ba bafe | dfce BAFA | B2 (3cBA Bcdf | afed e2 de |
[1 fbaf eafe | B2 cA BAFA | defe fbfe | (3dcB cA B2 :|
[2 f2 (3baf e2 (3fed | B2 (3fed e2 de | (3fga ba (3faf ef |
(3dcB cA B4 ||

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