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Jack Campin <> abcusers 2004-12-6

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T:Oh Callar Spirlings (variation 5)
C:Domenico Corri
V:2 bass
K:D Minor
[V:1] &quot;^With expression, &amp; P.&quot;
      A2 |  d/e/d/^c/de       fdef       eA=Bc    |  d/e/d/^c/de f/g/f/e/fa   
gGA=B       |
[V:2] z2 | [D4F4]            [D4F4]     [A,4E4G4] | [D4F4]       [D4F4]      
[G,4D4F4]    |
[V:1]       c/d/c/=B/cd       ecag       gfed     |  e/f/e/d/ef   gc'e'd'    
^c'a=bc'     |
[V:2]      [C4E4]            [C4E4]     [A,4E4G4] | [C4E4]       [C4E4]     
[^C4A4]       |
[V:1]       d'/e'/d'/^c'/d'f' e'd'c'd'   c'_bag   |  f/g/f/e/fa   z/e/d/^c/df 
z/B/A/^G/Ad |
[V:2]      [D4F4]             D,4        A,4      |  D4           D,4         
A,4         |
[V:1]       Bbag              f/g/f/e/fa gA=B^c   |  dAFA         D4          
z2         ||
[V:2]       G,4               A,4        A,,4     |  D,4          D,A,,F,,A,, 
D,,2       ||

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