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Newton F. Tolman & K. Dep. Gilbert


Trad, arr Phil Rowe

Bernie Waugh

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Jig > 20 transcriptions > 10 transcriptions > 5 transcriptions Has some stepwise movement minor major C A 6/8 Has chords explore more...


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X: 1
T: Coleraine
C: J-1
C: British Isles
M: 6/8
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack
R: jig
K: Am
E| "Am"EAA ABc| "E"Bee e2d| "Am"cBA ABc| "E"B^GE E2E|
   "Am"EAA ABc| "E"Bee e2d| "Am"cBA "E"B^GE| "Am"A3- A2 :|
B| "C"c2c cdc| "G"Bdg g2^g| "Am"aed cBA| "E"^GBG E^FG|
   "Am"A^GA "E"BAB| "Am"cde "Dm"fed| "Am"cBA "E"B^GE| "Am"A3- A2 :|
%%text 9/1/98

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