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Reel One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement major G A D 4/4 Has chords explore more...


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X: 1
T: Rabbie's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Gmaj
d2|"G"G2 Bd g2d2|bagf g2d2|"C"ecge "G"dBgd|"C"cBAG "D"AcBA|
!"G"G2 Bd g2d2|"B"bagf "Em"g2=f2|"C"eceg "D"fdfa|"G"g2b2g2f2|
!"G"g2 dB "Em"GdBG|"Am"cBAG "D"A2f2|"G"g2 GA "Em"BGdc|"Am"B2A2 "D"A3d|
!"C"ecge "G"dBgd|"C"cBAG "D"GFED|"C"ECEG "D"FDFA|"G"G2B2G2:|
K: D
!|:A2|"D"A2 FA d2A2|"G"B2 GB "D"A2A2|A2 FA d2f2|"G"gfed "A"e2A2|
!"D"A2 FA d2A2|"G"B2 GB A2a2|"G"gfed "A"cBAG|"D"F2D2D2 dB|
!"D"D2d2 d2f2|"G"gfed "A"e2 AG|"D"F2d2 d2f2|"A"edcB A2BA|
!"G"G2g2 g2ab|"A"agfe "Bm"d2f2|"G"gfed "A"cBAG|"D"F2D2 D2:|
K: A
!|:e2|"A"cdef e2a2|cdef e2ee|"D"fdaf "A"e2ae|"B7"fgab "E"geed|
!"A"cdef e2a2|ABcd e2AG|"D"FGAF "A"E2 Ac|"E"edcB "A"A2e2|
!"A"ABcd e2fg|"D"afdf "A"e2fg|"D"agag "A"fedc|"B7"BAGF "E"EDCB,|
!"A"A,B,CD E2AB|cdef e2ag|"D"fdaf "A"e2a2|"E"edcB "A"A2:|

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