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Digital Tradition, randdand

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X: 1
T:Randy Dandy, O!
S:Digital Tradition, randdand
D:Recorded by The Young Tradition; by Forebitter
W:Now we are ready to head for the Horn
W:Way Hey Roll and go!
W:Our boots and our clothes, boys, are all in the pawn
W:To me rollicking randy dandy, oh!
W:(can use verse 2 as a chorus)
W:Heave a pawl, heave away,
W:The anchor's on board and the cable's all stored
W:Come breast the bar, bullies and heave her away
W:Soon we'll be rolling her 'way down the bay.
W:Soon we'll be warping her out through the locks
W:Where the pretty young girls all come down in flocks.
W:Sing goodbye to Sally and goodbye to Sue
W:For we are the bullies that can kick her through.
W:Oh man the stout capst'n and heave with a will
W:Soon we'll be driving her 'way down the hill.
W:Heave away, bullies, you parish-rigged bums
W:Take your hands from your pockets and don't suck your thumbs.
W:Roust 'er up, bullies, the wind's drawing free
W:Let's get the rags up and drive 'er to sea.
W:We're outward bound for Vallipo Bay
W:Get crackin' m'lads, 'tis a Hell of a way.
f2f/f/ efe|d3/2e/d A3|d3 e3|d2c A2A/-B/|\
c3/2d/c cBA|GGG C2F/G/|A3/2B/A A2G|F2D D3|
f2f e2e|d2d A3|d3 e3|d2c A2A|\
c3/2d/c cBA|GGG C2F/G/|A3/2B/A A2G|F2D D2z||

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