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One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement major G A A-sharp D 2/4 No chords explore more...


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T:Suite de pas d't
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Z:Transcrit et/ou corrig par Michel BELLON - 2006-04-24
Z:Pour toute observation
efed cBcd|efec a4|bagf efed|cBcB A2A2|
efed cBcd|efec a4|bagf edcB|A2c2 A2 z2:|
|:AcAc e2ef|ecec d4|BdBd f2fg|feaf e4|
AcAc e2ef|ecec d4|BdBd f2fg|fefg a2 z2:|
|:a3g fedc|BAGF EEGB|d3c BAGA|BAGF EAce|
a3g fedc|BAGF E2Bd|f2ec e2dB|A2c2 A2 z2:|
|:Acec aecA|GBdB fecA|EAce dBGB|EGBd fe^de|
Acec aecA|GBdB fecA|EAce dBGB|EEGB A2 z2:|
|:[K:D]a3f dfaf|bagf edef|g3f edce|agfe f2d2|
a3f dfaf|bagf e2A2|ABcd efge|d2f2 d2 z2:|
|:defg a^gag|bagf f2e2|cdef gfgf|agfe f2d2|
defg a^gag|bagf f2e2|ABcd efge|d2f2 d2 z2:|
[K:G]|:b3a g2g2|agfg agfg|aaba gfef|gfaf d2d2|b3a g2g2|
agfg agfg|aaba gfef|[1a2g2 g2 z2:|[2a2g2 g2ga
|:bddd dgfg|bddd dgfg|aaba gfef|gfaf d2ga|bddd dgfg|
bddd dgfg|aaba gfef|[1a2g2 g2ga:|[2a2g2 g2 z2|:
[K:Bb] d3d (db)(db)|c3c (ca)(ca)|B4(ABce)|(dcBA GFED)|
d3d (db)(db)|c3c (ca)(ca)|B4ABce|dcBA G2 z2:|
|:DGBG BcA2|AFAF d2BG|DGBd g^fed|dcBA G^FED|DGBG BcA2|
AFAF d2BG|DGBd g2g2|[1^fgaf g2 z2:|[2^fgaf g2
[K:G] (3def|:g2g2 gabg|a2a2 a2c'2|c'bag fgab|
agfe ddef|g2g2 gabg|a2a2 a2c'2|
c'bag fdef|[1g2b2 g2  (3def:|[2g2b2 g2 z2
|:Bdgd bgdB|cfaf c'afd|ceeg gbag|fgag fedc|Bdgd bgdB|
cfaf c'afd|cdef gbaf|[1g2b2 g2 z2:|[2g2b2 g2d2
|:gfga gfgb|agfe dedc|BcBA G2g2|fgaf d2d2|gfga gfgb|
agfe dedc|BcBA GBAG|[1A2G2 G2d2:|A2G2 G2AB
|:cBAG FAdc|BcBc eBcd|edcB AGFG|B2A2 A2AB|
cBAG FAdc|BcBc eBcd|edcB ABcd|e2d2 d2 z2:|
%%footer $D   Galouvielle-MBe 2006 \nDanse de caractre (Provence)

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