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Yorkshire Dales Scandy weekend, June '99; workshop tunes

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X: 1
T:Schottis fr V\"asterg\"otland
N:Yorkshire Dales Scandy weekend, June '99; workshop tunes
Z:photocopies from Suzanne Lind \& Louise Schultz
A)c/B/ Ac/d/ ee/f/ e>a| gg/f/ dd f/f/f/e/ cA|\
A/A/c/B/ Ac/d/ ef e>(a| g)B/c/ dB/G/ B2 A>(c|
d/)d/f/e/ dd c/c/e/d/ cc| B/B/d/c/ B(B/G/) Ac/d/ e>(c|\
d/)d/f/e/ dd c/c/e/d/ cc| Bd/c/ B(B/G/) Ac A2|]
A,>A, CE A,>A, CE| E>E GB A,>A, CE|\
A,>A, CE A,>A, CE| E>E FG AE A2|
D>D FA A,>A, CE | E>E GB A,>A, B,C|\
D>D FA A,A, CE| E>E GB AE A2|]
W: \AA{} ingen har du som lagar din mat
W: \aa{} ingen har du som brygger din dricka
W: men det har du sj\"alv f\"or du var it lat
W: och ej skatt at dej n\aa{g}on flicka

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