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Middle section transposed down an octave, chords simplified.

Chords added by MB



Richard Robinson <> tradtunes 2002-6-18

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T:Waltz from Finland
N:Chords added by MB
|:"A"a2 ^gaba|"Faug"f2 efgf|"Dm"d2 ^cded|"Edim"B4 d2|\
"A"A3 =B ^cd|"A"ef g2 e2|"Dm"f3 e df|"Edim"e2 e "A"^c A2|
"A"a2 ^gaba|"Faug"f2 efgf|"Dm"d2 ^cded|"Edim"B4 d2|\
"A"A3 =B ^cd|"A"ef g2 e2|"Dm"d3 e d^c|"Dm"d6 :|
|:"A"a4 a2|"D"^f2 g2 a2|"Edim"b4 ba|"Gm"g6|\
"Gm"g3 a gf|"Edim"e2 f2 g2|"A"a3 b a^g|"A"a6|
"Dm"f3 g fe|"Dm"d6|"Gm"g4 a2|"Gm"b6|\
"A"a2 ^gaba|"A"f4 "Edim"e2|"Dm"d3 e d^c|"Dm"d6 :|
|:"Dm"D3 F Ad|"Dm"A3 F D2|"Faug"F6|"Edim"E6|\
"Gm"G2 A2 B2|"Faug"F4 G2|"A"A3 B A^G|"A"A6|
"Dm"d3 ^c de|"Edim"f3 e dA|"Edim"c6|"Gm"B6|\
[1 "A"A3 B A2|"Dm"F4 D2|"Edim"E6|"A"A6:|\
[2 "Faug"A4 A2|"A"^c4 c2|"Dm"d2 ^cdfe|"Dm"d6||

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