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Writen for a friend's 50th birthday.



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X: 1
T:Woody's Pecker
C:Bob Massie
N:Writen for a friend's 50th birthday.
Q:1/4=160     %Tempo
z3 e2 d |c2 A ABA |EAA A2 c |d2 B BcB |
EBB e2 d |c2 A ABA |EAA e2 c |dBB E2 B |
A3 c2 e |e3 Ace |aec d2 B |B3 EBB |
e2 d c2 e |e3 Ace |aec dBB |EBB A3 |
A2 e c2 e |e3 Ace |aec d2 B |B3 EBB |
e2 d c2 A |A3 EAc |e2 c dBB |E2 B A3 |
A2 e cee |fea aee |fec dff |gfa a2 e |
feB cee |fea aee |fec dBB |EBB A3 |
A2 e cee |fea fea |fec dff |gff aff |
gfe cee |fea fea |fec dBB |EBB A3 |
A6 |]
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