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One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement minor A 4/4 No chords explore more...


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T:"The Harmonic Convergence"
C:Reel composed by Davy Rogers
B |:AGAB (3cdc ae | gdBG ecdB | (3ABA AB (3cdc ae | gdBd eAAG |
AGAB cdae | gdBG ecdB | AGAB cBcd | edcA EAAB |
(3cdc gc acgc | gefd ecAB | (3cdc gc acgc | gagf edcB |
(3cdc gc acgc | gefd eBAG | AGAB (3cdc cd |1 edcA EAAB :|"LAST TIME ONLY" edcA EAAG | A8 ||

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