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Chords added by MB an alternative to the Ebdim is a plain B

C Ricker's Old Teacher.

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T:Raemona's Waltz
C:Brian Hebert
N:C Ricker's Old Teacher.
dc (3BcB G>E||D2 B3 D|_E2 B3 _E|=E2B3d|c2 B2A2|G2E3G|F2GA3|  D6  |D3B,C^
C|D2B3D|_E2B3_E|=E2B3d|c2B2A2|G2E3G|F2GA3|  G6  |G3D (3EFE|D2B3D|_E2B3_E
|=E2B3d|c2B2A2|G2E3G|F2GA3|  D6  |D3B,C^C|D2B3d|_e2B3E|=E2B3d|ed Bd BA|G
2E3G|F2GA3|  G6  |G3def||
|:'g6|f2dB3|c3d (3efg|  d6  |e3f (3gfe|de dc B2|A2 ^C2 (3efe|d3 d ef|  g
6  |f2dB3|c3 d (3efg|d4 dB|c3c2c|c2B2F2|1  G6  |G3 d ef:||2  g6  |G3 B,

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