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As played by J.T.Perkins


Devil's Box Vol. 22 9/1/73

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T:Uncle Henry's Reel
S:Devil's Box Vol. 22 9/1/73
N:As played by J.T.Perkins
e||"A"A2Ac BABe|cAce a2a2|"G"ba=gb agea|"E7"fedf edBG|
"A"A2Ac BABe|cAce a2g2|"G"ba=gb afeB|"E7"cABG "A"A2e2E2A2|
A2Ac B2Be|cAce a2g2|"G"ba=gb agea|"E7"fedf edBG|
"A"A2Ac B2Be|cAce a2g2|"G"ba=gb afeB|"E7"cABG "A"A2e2E2A2|
c4E4 cBAF|"D"D2A2F2A2 F3d3F|"E7"F2 GB dBcd|"A"d2f2c2e2 c4e4
F3A3e cBA=G|"D"FEDF d2F2|"E7"FGBc dBGB|"A"ABce a2E2A2|
"A"E3c3e cBAF|"D"DAFA F3d3F|"E7"EGBc dBcd|"A"d2f2c2e2 c4e4
F3A3e cBA=G|"D"FEDF d2F2|"E7"FGBc dBGB|"A"ABce a2eg||
|:"A"a2gb a2ea|fecf ecA2|"E7"dcBG FEGB|"A"Ace=g fece|
a2gb a2 ea|fecf ecA2|"E7"dcBG FEGB|1"A"AGAB A2e2eg:|2"A"AGAB A2E2||

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