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Drummond Castle. Well-known Scots tune.

See "Why Should I Sit and Cry" Hunter 280 BSFC VII-1 Kerr's 4th p.28 Lerwick p.46


Toby A. Rider, Fiddle-L, 8/97

Various sources


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Jig > 20 transcriptions > 10 transcriptions > 5 transcriptions Has some stepwise movement minor major G C A 6/8 Has notes text No chords explore more...


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X: 3
P: Drummond Castle
O: Trad
R: jig
Z: John Chambers <>
N: See "Why Should I Sit and Cry"
N: Hunter  280
N: Kerr's 4th p.28
N: Lerwick p.46
D: Brian McNeill on Fiddlers Five CD 10
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Am
   E \
| "Am"A>BA a3 | a>ge "G"g3 | "C"c2c e>dc |  "G"B>dg dBG \
| "Am"A>BA a3 | a>ge "G"g3 | "C"e>ge "G"deg | "Em"edB "Am"A2 :|
|: "G"B \
| "C"c2c c>ec | "G"d2d d>ed | "Am"c2c e>dc | "G"B>dg dBG\
| "C"c2c e>dc | "G"d>eg "F"a2g | "C"e>ge "G"deg | "Em"edB "Am"A2 :|

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