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the 'turn' symbol is a trill


Ian McArdle

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X: 2118
T:Bulgarian () 1
N:the 'turn' symbol is a trill
"Am"e2{dc}d2e3 {dc}~d2dc|de{dc}d2 c2B ~A2AG|\
(AB)~c2{dc}d3 ~c2cB|(dG)A2 "Dm"A3 "A"(A2A2) ::
"Am"(AB)~c2{dc}d3 {dc}d2dc|\
e2{dc}d2 c2B ~(A2AG)|\
(AB)~c2{dc}d3 ~c2cB|"E"(BG)"Am"A2A3 (A2A2) ::
"Am"(AB)~c2 (cBA) "Em"~B2(BG)|\
"A"~A2"Am"(Ad) (cBA) "E"~B2"Em"(BG)|\
"A"(AB)"Am"~c2 (cBA) "E"~B2"Em"(BG)|\

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