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Yorkshire Dales Scandy weekend, June '99; workshop tunes

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Polka One title Has some stepwise movement major G D 2/4 Has notes text Has chords explore more...


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X: 7203
C:e. Alf Rosenlund
A:Davik, Nordfjord
N:Yorkshire Dales Scandy weekend, June '99; workshop tunes
Z:photocopies from Arne S\o{}lvberg
z8 |:(uAG)|\
FGAB A2d2 | f6 (fa) | g2f2 e2d2 | c2B2 A2G2 |\
FGAB A2d2 | f6 (ed) | c2e2 B2e2 | A4 z2 :: A2 |
g3f edcB | B2A2 A2G2 | F2A2 d2f2 | f2e2 e2A2 |\
g3f edcB | B2A2 A2G2 | FAdf | a3c | d2d2 d2 :: =c2 | \
B3d c3e | d2g2 gf(g2 | a2)d2 d^c(d2 | b2)g2 gfg2 |\
(uB3d) c3e | d2g2 gf(g2 | a2)a2 fed2 | g2g2 g2 :|
[A,8D8A8e8]|: (uFE)|\
DEFG F2A2 | d6f2 | e2d2 c2B2 | A2G2 F2E2| \
DEFG F2A2 | d6 (cB) | E2E2 [C2E2][C2E2] | [B,6E6] :: A2|\
ve3d cBAG| G2F2 F2E2| D2F2 A2d2 | d2c2 c2A2 | \
e3d cBAG G2F2 F2E2 | DFAd A3G | F2F2 F2 :: A2 |\
vG3B A3c | B2B2 BA(B2 | c2)B2 BA(B2 |d2)B2 BAB2 |\
(uG3B) A3c | B2B2 BA(B2 | c2)c2 cc(c2 | B2)A2 [G2B2] :|

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