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IrTrad, 5/99

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T:Tom Billy's Reel
T:O'Keefe's Plow
N:IrTrad, 5/99
Z:Roger Landes
dcdA BAFB|AF F/2F/2F EFDE|F/2F/2F AF G/2G/2G BG|ABde fdec|d/2d/2d dA BAF
B|AF F/2F/2F/2 EFDE|F/2F/2F AF G/2G/2G BG|1ABde fe e/2e/2e:|2ABde fdde||
fa a/2a/2a afdf|g/2g/2g fg edBd|fa a/2a/2a bafd|ABde fe e/2e/2e|fa a/2a/
2a afdf|g/2g/2g fg|{f}edBA|F/2F/2F AF G/2G/2G BG|
1ABde fe e/2e/2e:|2ABde fdec||

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