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De frsta tv polskor John-Erik lrde sig (The first two polskas John-Erik learnt

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Sydjmtsk slngpolska Over five titles Only 1 transcription major D 3/4 Has notes text Has chords explore more...


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T:Tv slngpolskor efter John-Erik Mattson, Rtan
R:sydjmtsk slngpolska
N:De frsta tv polskor John-Erik lrde sig
N:(The first two polskas John-Erik learnt
A:Rtan, s. Jmtland
Z:Lennart Sohlman, lta, Sweden
T: Nr 1 \
"D"a^g/a/ b>a (f>d)|"A"(3fgf (e>d) e>f|"A7"(3gfg (a>g) e>c|"D"(cd) db a2
"D"a^g/a/ b>a (f>d)|"A"(3fgf (e>d) e>f|"A7"(3gfg (a>g) e>c|"D"(cd) d4::\
"D"f2 Af Af|{g}f>e (e>d) e>f|"G"g2 Bg Bg|"D"(gb) a^g (a2|\
"D"f2) Af Af|{g}f>e e>d e>f|"A7"(3gfg (a>g) e>c|"D"(cd) d4:|\
T: Nr 2 \
"D"f2 (fg) eg|"D"(fd) (dF) Ad|"A"(dc) (ce) Ac|"D"(cd) (dF) Ad|\
"D"(df) (fg) eg|"D"(fd) (dF) Ad|"A7"(dc) (ce) Ac|"D"(cd) d4::\
"D"f2 {g}(3fef df|"G"g2 {a}(3gfg b2|"A7"c2 ce ac|"D"(cd) df a2|\
"D"f2 {g}(3fef df|"G"g2 {a}(3gfg b2|"A7"c2 ce ac|"D"(cd) d4:|\
T:Andrastmmor (komp)
T:Nr 1
D>F [F2A2] [F2A2]|A2 E2 E>C|A,>C [C2E2] [C2E2]|D2 (AF) [F3/2A3/2]A/|\
D>F [F2A2] [F2A2]|A2 E2 E>C|A,>C [E2A2] [E2A2]|[F2A2] [F4A4]::!\
{D}[F2A2] [F2A2] FA|A>E [C2E2] [E2A2]|B2 DB DB|A2 FA FA|\
A2 [F2A2] FA|A>E [C2E2] [E2A2]|A2 E2 E>G|[F2A2] [F4A4]:|!\
T:Nr 2
{A,}D2 [F2A2] E2|D2 [F2A2] F2|A,2 [E2A2] E>C|D2 [F2A2] DF|\
[F2A2] D2 E2|[F2A2] D2 A,2|A,>C E2 [C2E2]|{E}D2 [F4A4]::!\
{D}[F2A2] [F2A2] DF|{G,}[G,2G2] [G,2G2] [G2B2]|[E2A2] E2 A2|(DF) [F2A2]
A2 F2 D=C|G,2 [B,2D2] [D2B2]|[E2A2] (EA) (A>G)|[F2A2] [F4A4]:|

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