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"collected from J. O'Neill"

replaced Segnii with repeats

Miss Gunning's Delight Variant

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Sergt. James O'Neill manuscripts

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T:The Contradiction Reel
B:Francis O'Neill: "The Dance Music of Ireland" (1907) no. 724
Z:Transcribed by Frank Nordberg -
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e "^segno" |c2({d}(3(c)BA) (BE)(ED)|CEAc dfed|c2({d}(3(c)BA) GABc|defg af
ed|c2({d}(3(c)BA) (BE)(ED)|CEAc dfed|c2({d}(3(c)BA) GABg|
afec A/A/AA||g|aA A/A/A aAcA|GBEB GBEg|(aA) A/A/A aAcA|GBEB cAAg|(aA)A/A/
A (aA) cA|GBEB EBEg|agfe fedc|
BEFG A2||e2|ae(c'e) ae(c'e)|be(d'e) be(d'e)|c'e(e'e) c'e(e'e)|dcAB (EA)A2
|aAc'A aAc'A|bAd'A bAd'A|c'Ae'A c'Ae'A|dcBA (EA)A2||
cefe cefe|dcBA (BE)E2|cefe cefe|fagb afed|cefe cefe|(3(fga) ec (BE)E2|ece
a fdfa|(gb)eg (ae)fe "^segno" |]

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