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Reel One title Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement major F 2/2 No chords explore more...


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T:In Memory of Coleman
C:Ed Reavy
D:Providence: A Fig for a Kiss
Z:Devin McCabe
DGBd cBGF|D~F3 GFDF|GG,GA (3Bcd ga|(3bag af dgga|
!(3bag ag fddc|BdBG FDCD|FGBd c2Bc|1dgdc BGGF:|2dgdc BGGA||
!BABd ~g3f|e~c3 AcFA|B2ge fdcA|FGAc BGGA|
!B2fB FBfB|DBfd cAFA|GABc dgag|fdcA G3A|
!BABd ~g3f|e~c3 AcFA|B2ge fdcA|FGAc BGGA|
!B2fB FBfB|DBfd cAFA|GABc dbag|fdcA ABBA||

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