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Schottische One title Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement minor D 4/4 No chords explore more...


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X: 102
T:Yr Ysnr (The Blizzard)
C:Mats Eden
Z:Steve Mansfield
d2cd d2cd | fedc d2cd | d2cd B2AB | G2FG A4 | d2cd d2cd | fedc d3c |
B2AG g3e | dcBd c4 :: D2EF DEFG | A2Ac B3A | G2FG A2F2 | EFEC D4:|
|: AdcA A2GF | AdcA B2G2 | eedc d2c2 | eedc d2cB |
AdcA A2GF | AdcA B4 | eedc d2cd | ecde f4 :|

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