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Touchstone recorded it in the Key of D Contacts ... ..... Otis Tomas Stringed Instruments 1-902-929-2766 ..... <> ..... Otis <> ..... Cranford Publications <>


Silver Apple News,1990


Copyrights:Otis Tomas

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T:New Land (The)
C:Otis Tomas, SOCAN
O:20th Century Cape Breton
S:Silver Apple News,1990
D:The New Land, Touchstone (Green Linnet)
N:Touchstone recorded it in the Key of D
D:An Coisir, Maire O'Keeffe (Gael Linn)
H:Copyrights:Otis Tomas
N:Contacts ...
N:..... Otis Tomas Stringed Instruments 1-902-929-2766
N:..... <>
N:..... Otis <>
N:..... Cranford Publications <>
Z:This abc transcription is for personal use only,
Z:provided this notice remains attached.
Z:Used by permission of the composer and publisher.
Z:Paul Stewart Cranford >
C DE|"F" (F3E FG)|(Ac3)d2|"Am" c3AG2|"F" F3G (3(AGF)|"Gm" B3AG2|!
(Bd3)f2|"Dm" d3BG2|"Gm" G3A (3(BAG)|"F" A3F CF|"Am" Ac3fg|!
"Dm" a3gf2|"Gm" d4fg|"F" a3gf2|"C" ge3c2|"Dm" d6|d3:|!
|:d (3(efg)|"Dm" a3g ab|(3(aba)g2f2|"Gm" B3A Bc|B2c2d2|"Am7" g3f ga|!
(3(gag)f2e2|"F" A3B AF|A2B2c2|"Bb" f3e fg|(3(fgf)e2d2|!
"Gm" G3F GA|G2F2D2|"F" (cA3)F2|"C" GE3C2|"D" D6|D3:|!

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