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Contacts ... ..... Jerry Holland <> Tune books, related recordings ..... Cranford Publications <>


Tune ofthe Month, April. 2000


Copyrights - (SOCAN)

copyrights Fiddlesticksmusic, SOCAN

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T:Old Faithful
C:Jerry Holland, SOCAN
O:20th Century Cape Breton
S:Tune ofthe Month, April. 2000
B:Jerry Hollands Collection of Fiddle Tunes
D:A Session with Jerry Holland
H:Copyrights - (SOCAN)
N:Contacts ...
N:..... Jerry Holland <>
N:Tune books, related recordings
N:..... Cranford Publications <>
Z:Paul Stewart Cranford 
ag|f2 ed c2 Bc|d2 AG F2 ED|1GFGB AFdA|F2 E2 E2 ag|!
f2 ed c2 Bc|dABG F2 ED|GBdB AFGE|F2 D2 D2:|2GFGB AcdF|!
F2 E2 E2 ag|f2 ef gedc|d>AB<G F2 ED|GBdB A>FG>E|F2 D2 D2||!
|:fg|abag f2 ef|gage c2BA|dcde f<agf|e2 E2 E2 fg|!
abag f2 ef|gedc d2 (3(AB=c)|BAGB AFdA|F2 D2 D2 fg|!
abag f2 ef|gedc d2 (3(AB=c)|BAGB AFdA|F2 E2 EGFE|!
D>FA<d E>GB<e|F>Adf g2 bg|a>fe>d c>ba<g|f2 d2 d2|]!

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