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A?ven i Am, #14.

En visa "grannas flecker g{å}r i vall med korna"

Variant 1 efter Pelle Fors, via bro?derna Hellstro?m

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T:Grannas flecker
H:Variant 1 efter Pelle Fors, via br\"oderna Hellstr\"om
H:En visa "grannas flecker g{\aa}r i vall med korna"
H:\"Aven i Am, #14.
B:Variant 2: Bagge 32
(D2|G3)(A Bc)BA (G^F)GA | (BA)Bc d4 B4 | d3(^f ga)gf (cA)c=e |
(ga)g^f (d_e)dc (Bc)BA | G3(A Bc)BA (G^F)GA | (BA)Bc d4 B4 |
d3(^f ga)gf (cA)c=e |1 (ga)g^f d6 :|2 (ga)g^f d8 ||
d3(^f ga)gf (cA)c=e |: (ga)g^f d4 B4 | (BA)Bd (fg)fd (BA)Bd |
(fg)fd c4 A4 | A2(BA) (GA)Bc (d_e)dc |1 (Bc)BA (G^F)AF G4- |
G3(^f ga)gf (cA)c=e :|2 (Bc)BA (G^F)AF G2 ||
[K:Am] "variant 2" z2 |
A2B2 cdcB A2B2 | cBcd e4 c4 | e2^g2 a2a2 fdfa |
abag efed cdcB | A2B2 cdcB A2B2 | cBcd e4 c4|
e2^g2 a2a2 fdfa | abag e8 :|
|: e2^g2 a2a2 fdfa | abag e4 c4 | c2e2 g2g2 eceg |
gagf d4 B4 | cBcd e2c2 A2c2 | cB^GB B2A2 A4 :|

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