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See also "The Gravel Walks", #70.

Also related to Sean sa Cheo, #313.

Related to the Scottish tune "Sleepy Maggie", #650.

Related to The Scottish tune "Sleepy Maggie", #650.

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T:Jenny's Chickens
H:Related to the Scottish tune "Sleepy Maggie", #650.
H:Also related to Sean sa Cheo, #313.
H:See also "The Gravel Walks", #70.
D:Matt Molloy: Heathery Breeze.
D:Paddy Glackin: In Full Spate.
Z:Some people play it in Bdor (g#), others in Bm (g natural)
Z:This tune is also played in Ador.
~f3e fece|~f3d eAce|~f3e fece|f2af eAce:|
fBBA B2de|fB~B2 eAce|fBBA Bcde|f2af eAce|
fB~B2 bBaB|fB~B2 ABce|fBBA Bcde|f2af edcA||
|:B2bB aBgB|~B2fB edcA|B2bB aBgB|1 f2af edcA:|2 f2af eAce||

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