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Jig One title Only 1 transcription major A 6/8 2/2 No chords explore more...


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T:Clumsy lover
D:De dannan (jacket of batteries)
D:Irish Music by Sualtam
cec ece|dfd gfe|cec ece |dBc dBd |
cec ece|dfd gfe |cec dB^G |1 BA^G A3:|2 BA^G A2e||
cee aec|dee aed|cee aec |dcd Bcd |
cee aec|dee aed|cec dB^G |1 BA^G A2e:|2 BA^G A3||
M: C|
ceef ecBA|dffd =gfed|ceef ecBA|d2Bc decB|
ceef ecBA|dffd =gfed|ceec d2GB|ABAG A4:|
|:caac aaca |daad aada |caac aaca |Baca daea |
   caac aaca |daad aada |ceec d2GB|ABAG A4:||
ceef ecBA|df=f^f af=f^f|ceef ecBA|(3Bcd Bc d^de=d|
ceef ecBA|dffd =gfed|=c^cac da^da|eada caBa:|
|:caac aaca |daad aada |caac aaca |Baca daea |
   caac aaca |daad aada |ceec d2GB|ABAG A4:||
|:ceef ecBA|dfff =gfed|ceef ecBA|dBBA B2d2|
ceef ecBA|dfff =gfed|ceec dAGA|BAAG A4:|
|:ceea aeec|deea aeed|ceea aeec|dBBA B2d2|
ceea aeec|deea aeed|ceec dAGA|BAAG A4:|
|:ceec ecec|dfff =gfed|ceec ecec|dBBA B2d2|
ceec ecec|dfff =gfed|ceec dAGA|BAAG A4:|
|:caac acac|daad adad|caac acac|Bece deBe|
caac acac|daad adad|ceec dAGA|BAAG A4:|

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