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(#182 in O'Sullivan's Collection ):

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T: Planxty Madam Maxwell
C: O'Carolan
B: O'Neill's 659
Z: 1997 by John Chambers <>
N: "Moderate"
M: 2/4
L: 1/16
K: D
| (AB).A2 (AF).D2 | (F2A2) (A2B2) | (cd).e2 (de).f2 | (ef).g2 f2e2 |
| d2A2 (GF)(ED) | G2B2 B2d2 | (c2A2) .e2(dc) | d4 d2z2 :|
| a2d2 a2d2 | g2b4 (ag) | f2d2 .a2(gf) | (g2 e4) g2 |
| (fg).a2 (ga).b2 | .a2.g2 .f2.e2 | ">"~d4 (e2d2) | c2A4 (Bc) |
| ">"d4 (cB)(AG) | F2 D4 d2 | (cd).e2 (fe).d2 | c2 A4 (Bc) |
| (dcBA) (BAGF) | G2 B4 A2 | (BAGF) (AGFE) | D4- D2z2 |]

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