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handwritten MS

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X: 2
P: Tosa valsen
O: Sweden
Z: John Chambers <>
S: handwritten MS
B: The Waltz Book v.1 p.51 (has E chords in bars 4 and 12)
D: Asa Jinder, "Asa Jinder" 1985 (Elin Music)
D: "Soir et Matin", Kerry Elkin, 440 Snipatuit Rd, Rochester MA 02770
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dm
A,DE \
| "Dm"F2 FG FE | D2 ^CD FA | d2 ^cd af | "A7"e3 fgf \
| "Dm"d3 fed | "Am"c3 c=BA | "E7"=B2 E^G BG | "A7"A3 A,DE |
| "Dm"F2 FG FE | D2 ^CD FA | d3 d^cd | "A7"e3 afe \
| "Dm"d3 efd | "Gm"ed B2 G2 | "A7"A2{BA}^GA ^cA | "Dm"d3 :|
K: D
|: "A7"ABc \
| "D"d2 AF Ad | "F#m"c2 AF Ac | "G"B2 cd cB | "D"A3 DEF \
| "G"G2 AB AG | "D/F#"FE FG AB | "E(m)"Bc df ed | "A7"e3 Ade |
| "D"f2 ag fe | d2 de dc | "G"B2 ce dB | "D/F#"A3 DEF \
| "Em"G2 AB AG | "D"FA GF ED | "A7"DC CE DC | "D"D3 :|

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