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Waltz One title Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement Never repeats a note major D 3/4 Has notes text Has chords explore more...


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X: 197
T: Big Three-Four
C: BB 10/03; revised 1/07
N: 022046
L: 1/8
M: 3/4
R: waltz
Q: 1/4=180
K: D
FE | "D" D2 F2 G2 | "A"A3-ABc | "D" d2 f2 g2 | "Em" e3 d e2 |
"Bm" f2 d2 B2 | "G" g3 a b2 | "D" ag f2 d2 | "A" e4 fe |
"Bm" d2 B2 F2 | "Em" E3 G B2 | "A" A3 c e2 | "Bm" f4 ef |
"G" g2 B2 d2 | "D" f2 A3 d | "A" e2 cB A2 | "D" d4 :|
AB | "F#m" c2 BA F2 | "D" d2 cB A2 | "A" e2 cB A2 |"D" f4 "E7"^g2|
"A" a3 e c2 | "Bm" B3 A F2 |"F#m" c2 fe cA | "E"B3 A B2 |
"F#m" c2 BA F2 | "D" d2 cB A2|"A" e2 cB ce |"D" f4 "E"^g2|
"A" a3 c e2 | "Bm" f2 d2 B2 | "E"^G3 E B2 | "A" A4 :|

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