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handwritten MS labelled "H-99"

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A?lvdalspolska Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement minor A 3/4 9/8 Has source text Has chords explore more...


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X: 3
T: "615" polska efter Gunnar Orre
T: \"Alvdalspolska
Z: 2005 John Chambers <>
S: handwritten MS labelled "H-99"
V:1 brace=2
|:(3e2 ^g2 b2 a2 | (3:2:5a2gage ((3:2:2f2g) \
| ((3:2:2f2e) ((3:2:2d2e) (3:2:2fg2 | (3:2:2a2(f (3:2:2d)fd e2 \
| (3e2 ^g2 b2 a2 | (3:2:5a2gage ((3:2:2f2g) \
| ((3:2:2f2e) ((3:2:2d2f) (3:2:2a2f | (fe) e4 :|
|:(3:2:5B2(cB)cd (3:2:2e2c | (3B2 A2B2 c2 \
| (3:2:5B2(cB)cd (3:2:2e2c | (3B2 A2 G2 E3 \
| (3:2:5B2(cB)cd (3:2:2e2c | (3B2 A2B2 c2 \
| (3:2:5B2(cB)cd (3:2:2e2c | ((3BGB) A4 :|
|:(3A2 B2 d2 ^c2 | (3:2:5A2BAB^c d2 \
| ((3:2:2d2A) ((3:2:2F2A) (3:2:2de2 | (3:2:2f2(d (3:2:2B)dB ^c2 \
| (3A2 B2 d2 ^c2 | (3:2:5A2BAB^c d2 \
| ((3:2:2d2A) ((3:2:2F2A) (3:2:2d2B | (BA) A4 :|
|:(3:2:5^G2(AG)AB (3:2:2c2A | (3^G2 F2G2 A2 \
| (3:2:5^G2(AG)AB (3:2:2c2A | (3^G2 F2 E2 B,3 \
| (3:2:5^G2(AG)AB (3:2:2c2A | (3^G2 F2G2 A2 \
| (3:2:5^G2(AG)AB (3:2:2c2A | ((3:2:2EB,2) A,4 :|
%%sep 1 1 10cm

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