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  • Lafferty's

    Also known as Glen of Aherlow, The, Woman I Never Forgot, The, the Woman I Never Forgot, the Crane's Leg, the Glen of Aherlow, the Girl I Left Behind, Lafferty's Reel.

  • Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160

    Also known as Bonny Charlie, King William of Orange. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies. HSJJ.160, King William of Orange,aka. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies,aka. HSJJ.160.

    Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160
  • taim ag fuirea.c leatsa.

    Also known as I'm Waiting For You., I'm Waiting For You, "You Bet" -- Reel, Hillside Cottage, "I'm Waiting For You" (hornpipe) 1567.

    taim ag fuirea.c leatsa.
  • Tom Tullus's Hornpipe.

    Also known as Tom Tolleys Hornpipe, Tom Fowler's Hornpipe. JaW.124, Tom Tollys Hornpipe, Tom Tulley's, Tom Fowler's Hornpipe. JaW.225, Tom Tollin;s Hp,aka. JaW.225, Tom Tully's, Tom Tolley's Hp,aka. JaW.225.

    Tom Tullus's Hornpipe.
  • Le Petit Tambour. JMT.033

    Also known as Le Pitit Tambour. JMT.033, Grand Old Duke Of York. JMT033, Le Petit Tambour. JMT033, Le Pitit Tambour. JMT033, Grand Old Duke Of York. JMT.033, Grand Old Duke Of York,aka. JMT.033.

    Le Petit Tambour. JMT.033
  • Morrison's

    Also known as Dunmore Lasses, The, Road to Knock, The, Dunmore Lasses, Morrison's Reel, the Road To Knock, Road to Knock, the Dunmore Lasses, the High Road To Sligo.

  • The Mountain Top

    Also known as Mountain Ranger's Hornpipe, Mountain Top, The, MOUNTAIN RANGER -- HORNPIPE, or Mountain Ranger Hornpipe, Rose-Bud - Reel, Mountain Ranger.

    The Mountain Top
  • Maid behind the Bar, The

    Also known as Green Mountain, The, Barmaid, The, Little Judy, Green Mountain, Barmaid, Maid behind the Bar.

    Maid behind the Bar, The
  • The Buff Coat hath no fellow

    Also known as Retreat,The,aka. HA.048, She Wants A Fellow,aka. HA.048, Buff Coat Has No Fellow,The. HA.048, She Wants A Fellow,aka. HA12, Buff Coat Hath No Fellow,The. HA12.

    The Buff Coat hath no fellow
  • The Devil's dream

    Also known as aisling an dia.bail., Devil's Dream., The, Devils Dream, The, The Devils Dream, "The Devil's Dream" (hornpipe) 1564.

    The Devil's dream
  • The Reconciliation

    Also known as Olive Branch Hornpipe, Reconciliation, The, Olive Branch, Olive-Branch -- Hornpipe, The Reconcilidation, "The Reconciliation" (hornpipe) 1670, Olive Branch *NEW!* Requested by Colin Abbott.

    The Reconciliation
  • Foxhunter's jig

    Also known as Foxhunter's, Foxhunters', Foxhunters Jig, The fox hunters' jig, The Foxhunter's Jig, Foxhunters Jig for Stoke Golding Country Dance.

    Foxhunter's jig
  • Walsh's Polka

    Also known as Lacha Cross, Din Tarrant's #1, Bill the Weaver's #2, Lackagh Cross, Bill the Weaver's, Walsh's Polka #3.

    Walsh's Polka
  • Peter Kennedy's Fancy

    Also known as Jim Seery's, Crusheen, The, Shearing the Sheep, Red Haired Lass, The, Red-Haired Lass, The.

    Peter Kennedy's Fancy
  • Arthur Darley's Jig

    Also known as Swedish Jig, The, Bruckless Shore, Arthur Darley's Swedish Jig, Swedish Jig, Arthur Darley's Jig, pt.2.

    Arthur Darley's Jig