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  • E : 7
  • G : 7
  • D : 1

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  • Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160

    Also known as Bonny Charlie, King William of Orange. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies. HSJJ.160, King William of Orange,aka. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies,aka. HSJJ.160.

    Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160
  • Rights of Man

    Also known as 64. The Rights of Man.

    Rights of Man
  • Jack A' Tar

    Also known as Jacky Tar, Jack A'Tar.

    Jack A' Tar
  • Gipsy's Hornpipe

    Also known as Gypsy Hornpipe, Gypsies hornpipe, The, the Gypsies Hornpipe.

    Gipsy's Hornpipe
  • the Rights of Man

    Also known as Rights of Man, Rights of Man, The, Ceart Na Cine Daona, Rights of Man, The ***.

    the Rights of Man
  • The Cuckoo's Nest

    Also known as "The Cuckoo's Nest" (1st Setting) (hornpipe) 1733.

    The Cuckoo's Nest