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  • G : 2
  • D : 1
  • F : 1
  • E : 1

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  • Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160

    Also known as Bonny Charlie, King William of Orange. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies. HSJJ.160, King William of Orange,aka. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies,aka. HSJJ.160.

    Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160
  • Roisin Dubh

    Also known as Mise Eire.

    Roisin Dubh
  • the Bonniest Lass in a' the World

    Also known as Boniest(!) Lass In The World. BF14.05.

    the Bonniest Lass in a' the World
  • Stanley for ever

    Also known as Mr.Lano's Maggot. JWDM.05, Stanley For Ever. JWDM.05, Stanley for ever - or Mr. Lano's Maggot, Stanley For Ever. JaW.046.

    Stanley for ever