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  • G : 29
  • D : 3
  • C : 3
  • A : 2
  • B : 1
  • F : 1
  • E : 1

Time signature

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  • Kesh Jig (Kincora Jig)

    Also known as Kesh Jig, Kincora Jig, the Kesh Jig, the Kincora Jig, The Kesh Jig (The Kincora Jig), The Kesh Jig (G maj).

    Kesh Jig (Kincora Jig)
  • the Cowboy's Jig

    Also known as Cow-Boy's Jig, The, The Cow-Boy's Jig, Cowboy's Jig - G, The Cow-Boy's -- Jig, Cowboy's Jig, Cow-Boy's Jig.

    the Cowboy's Jig
  • Ranger's Frolick

    Also known as Ranger's Frolic. JMT.113, Whip Her And Gird Her. JMT113, Ranger's Frolic. JMT113, Whip Her And Gird Her. JMT.113, Whip Her And Gird Her,aka. JMT.113.

    Ranger's Frolick
  • Out On The Ocean

    Also known as Wind Is Over The Ocean, The, O'Connell's Jig On Top Of Mount Everest, Portroe, O'er The Sea, Over The Ocean, O'Connel's Jig On Top Of Mount Everest, Out In The Ocean, Out Of The Ocean, Split The Whisker.

    Out On The Ocean
  • Dusty Bob's Jig

    Also known as Dusty Bob's Jig (Jack's Alive), Jack's Alive, Dusty Bob's, Dusty Bob's -- Jig, Rusty Bob's Jig.

    Dusty Bob's Jig
  • the Mist-Covered Mountain

    Also known as Mist on the Mountain, The, Mist Covered Mountain, The, 2x(ABC), Scottish Quadrille Set - Part 2, Waltz or Jig, Mist on the Mountain, Mist Covered Mountain.

    the Mist-Covered Mountain
  • Kick my arse

    Also known as Greensleeves, Kick My Arse. JWDM.31, Green Sleeves or Kick my . JWDM.31, Green Sleeves. JaW.004, Green Sleeves or Kick my.

    Kick my arse
  • Blackthorn Stick, The

    Also known as Blackthorne Stick, Coach Road to Sligo, The, Humours of Bantry, The, the Blackthorn Stick, Blackthorn Stick, the Coach Road to Sligo, the Blackthorn Stick (the Coach Road to Sligo), Fire on the Mountains.

    Blackthorn Stick, The
  • Reverend Brother's Jig, The

    Also known as Port an Bhrathair, Sonny Brogan's #1, Monk's Jig, The, Sonny Brogan's Fancy, The Reverend Brother's Jig/The Monk's (J-81), The Reverend Brother's, lower octave, The Monk's Jig (J-81), The Reverend Brother's Jig (J-81), The Reverend Brother's, lower octave (J-81), Monk's, The.

    Reverend Brother's Jig, The
  • Connaughtman's Rambles, The

    Also known as Connachtman's Rambles, The, Gathering Dilisc, The Connaughtman's Rambles, Bean ag Baint Duileasc, Connaught Man's Rambles, The, Connaughtman's Rambles, The Connaught Man's Rambles, Connachtman's Rambles.

    Connaughtman's Rambles, The
  • Dusty Windowsills

    Also known as Dusting the Windows, Trip to the Highlands, The, Mulvihills, Barracks, The, Austin Barratts, Dusty windowsill, The, the Trip to the Highlands, the Dusty Windowsill, the Barracks, Johnny Harling's.

    Dusty Windowsills
  • Mad Moll. TLY.007

    Also known as Yellow Stockings, Cuddle Me,Cuddy, the Pea Cock Follow the Hen, The Peacock Followed the Hen, Pea cock follow the hen, The, ECD - Longways Duple Minor, play AA BB, Peacock Followed The Hen. TLY007, Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. JaW.021, Cudland Cudy (Cuddle Me Cuddie), Peacock Follow The Hen, Cudll Me Cudy. JaW.021, Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. TLY007, Mad Moll, Mad Moll. JaW.021.

    Mad Moll. TLY.007
  • Come Under My Plaidie. JMT.107

    Also known as Johnny McGill. JMT.107, Highland Reel. JMT.107, Come Under My Plaidie. JMT107, Johnny McGill. JMT107, Highland Reel. JMT107.

    Come Under My Plaidie. JMT.107
  • Maggie Brown's Favorite

    Also known as Planxty Browne, Maggie Brown's favourite, Margaret Brown's Favorite Jig, Margaret Brown's Favorite Jig (Maggie Brown's Favorite) (Planxty Browne), MAGGIE BROWN'S FAVORITE -- JIG, Margrett Brown's Favorite, Twa Bonnie Maidens, Farewell To Low House. Car.16, Planxty Brown, Maggie Brown?s Favorite, .

    Maggie Brown's Favorite
  • Kesh Jig

    Also known as Kincora Jig, The, Kesh Jig (J-18), Kesh, The, the Kincora Jig, the Kesh, Jig : The Kingora.

    Kesh Jig