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  • E : 4
  • D : 1
  • A : 1
  • G : 1

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  • Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160

    Also known as Bonny Charlie, King William of Orange. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies. HSJJ.160, King William of Orange,aka. HSJJ.160, King of the Fairies,aka. HSJJ.160.

    Bonny Charlie. HSJJ.160
  • Morrison's

    Also known as Dunmore Lasses, The, Road to Knock, The, Dunmore Lasses, Morrison's Reel, the Road To Knock, Road to Knock, the Dunmore Lasses, the High Road To Sligo.

  • Auld Grey Cat, The

    Also known as Old Grey Cat, Friday Night Special, Old Grey Cat, The, Auld Grey Cat, The (R-82), The Old Grey Cat.

    Auld Grey Cat, The
  • Dunmore Lasses, The

    Also known as Road to Knock, The, The Road to Knock, The Dunmore Lasses, Road to Knock, Dunmore Lasses.

    Dunmore Lasses, The