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  • The Buff Coat hath no fellow

    Also known as Retreat,The,aka. HA.048, She Wants A Fellow,aka. HA.048, Buff Coat Has No Fellow,The. HA.048, She Wants A Fellow,aka. HA12, Buff Coat Hath No Fellow,The. HA12.

    The Buff Coat hath no fellow
  • Minstrel's Fancy, The

    Also known as McElligott's Fancy, Hanover Hornpipe, Pioneer Clog, The Minstrel's Fancy, Minstrel's Fancy -- Clog, "McElligott's Fancy" (hornpipe) 1778.

    Minstrel's Fancy, The
  • Bean A Ti Ar Lar

    Also known as the Mistress is Missing, Bean an Ti ar Lar, Bean an T ar Lar, The Mistress on the Floor, The Woman of the House, The Old Oak Tree.

    Bean A Ti Ar Lar
  • Paddy Doorhy's

    Also known as Eddie Moloney's Favourite, Mary of the Grove, Drogheda Lasses, The, Eddie Moloney's Favorite, Gan Ainm.

    Paddy Doorhy's
  • Reed House Rant

    Also known as Cheshire Rounds. HA04, Reed House Rant. HA04, Cheshire Round,aka. HA.010, Reed House Rant,aka. HA.010, Rood House Rant. HA.010.

    Reed House Rant
  • Rigodon du temps pass

    Also known as Polka de Gap, Les bancs publics, John l'amoureux, Ona's Lament, Polka Pique, Ton Doubl Plinn.

    Rigodon du temps pass
  • Maid of Moncisco, The

    Also known as Maid of Mount Cisco, The, Maid of Mount Kisco, The, The Maid of Mount Cisco, The Maid of Mount Kisco, Maid of Mount Cisco, Maids Of Mt. Kisco, The.

    Maid of Moncisco, The
  • Old Oak Tree, The

    Also known as Woman of the House on the Floor, The, Bean an Ti? ar La?r, Bean an T'i ar L'ar, Old Oak Tree, Woman of the House on the Floor, Bean An Ti Ar Lar.

    Old Oak Tree, The
  • TEST: Sixth Title of 6

    Also known as TEST: Fifth Title of 6, TEST: Fourth Title of 6, TEST: Third Title of 6, TEST: Second Title of 6, TEST: First Title of 6.

    TEST: Sixth Title of 6
  • C Aeolian/C Phrygian/C Locrian

    Also known as C Dorian/C Minor/Cm, C Lydian/C Ionian/C Mixolydian, C maj/ C major/C Major, C/CMAJOR/Cmajor, Keys and modes.

    C Aeolian/C Phrygian/C Locrian
  • Martin Wynne's #1

    Also known as Martin Wynne's #1a, Martin Wynne's, Martin Wynn's #1, Martin Wynne's Reel, Martin Wynn's Reel No. 1, Martin Wynne's Reel No. 1.

    Martin Wynne's #1