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  • G : 22
  • C : 3
  • A : 2
  • F : 1
  • E : 1

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  • taim ag fuirea.c leatsa.

    Also known as I'm Waiting For You., I'm Waiting For You, "You Bet" -- Reel, Hillside Cottage, "I'm Waiting For You" (hornpipe) 1567.

    taim ag fuirea.c leatsa.
  • Peter Kennedy's Fancy

    Also known as Jim Seery's, Crusheen, The, Shearing the Sheep, Red Haired Lass, The, Red-Haired Lass, The.

    Peter Kennedy's Fancy
  • Ranger's Frolick

    Also known as Ranger's Frolic. JMT.113, Whip Her And Gird Her. JMT113, Ranger's Frolic. JMT113, Whip Her And Gird Her. JMT.113, Whip Her And Gird Her,aka. JMT.113.

    Ranger's Frolick
  • The Boy in the Baskett

    Also known as Bean Setting,aka. BF13.010, Long Room At Scarborough,aka. BF13.010, Boy in the Baskett,The. BF13.010, Long Room At Scarborough(). BF14.10, Boy in the Baskett,The. BF14.10.

    The Boy in the Baskett
  • Chief O'Neill's

    Also known as Flowers of Adrigole, The, Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favorite, The Flowers of Adrigole, Chief O'Neill's Favourite.

    Chief O'Neill's
  • the Mist-Covered Mountain

    Also known as Mist on the Mountain, The, Mist Covered Mountain, The, 2x(ABC), Scottish Quadrille Set - Part 2, Waltz or Jig, Mist on the Mountain, Mist Covered Mountain.

    the Mist-Covered Mountain
  • Engels Pols

    Also known as Totakt-pols, nr. EJ-64, "Totakt-pols", EJ-64, Totakt-pols, EJ-64, Totakt-pols, nr.EJ-64, "Totakt-pols", nr. EJ-64.

    Engels Pols
  • Kick my arse

    Also known as Greensleeves, Kick My Arse. JWDM.31, Green Sleeves or Kick my . JWDM.31, Green Sleeves. JaW.004, Green Sleeves or Kick my.

    Kick my arse
  • Highland Rory

    Also known as the Drunken Piper, the Drunken Piper (Highland Rory), Play each tune once as written: 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 2 1, Reel of the 51st Division, 32R 3C x 8 -- RSCDS Book 13-10), Scottish Quadrille Set - Part 1, 4x(AABC), The Drunken Piper (a.k.a. Highland Rory).

    Highland Rory
  • Josefin's baptism waltz

    Also known as Josefins dopvals, Josefins dopvals [G], Josefins dopvals [G] (Josefin's baptism waltz), Josefins vals, Josefins dopvals (Josefin's baptism waltz).

    Josefin's baptism waltz
  • Greencastle Hornpipe

    Also known as Greencastle, crannciuil caislean-glais., The Greencastle Hornpipe, Greencastle Hornpipe., The, Greencastle Hornpipe, The, "The Greencastle Hornpipe" 1557.

    Greencastle Hornpipe
  • Dusty Windowsills

    Also known as Dusting the Windows, Trip to the Highlands, The, Mulvihills, Barracks, The, Austin Barratts, Dusty windowsill, The, the Trip to the Highlands, the Dusty Windowsill, the Barracks, Johnny Harling's.

    Dusty Windowsills
  • Mad Moll. TLY.007

    Also known as Yellow Stockings, Cuddle Me,Cuddy, the Pea Cock Follow the Hen, The Peacock Followed the Hen, Pea cock follow the hen, The, ECD - Longways Duple Minor, play AA BB, Peacock Followed The Hen. TLY007, Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. JaW.021, Cudland Cudy (Cuddle Me Cuddie), Peacock Follow The Hen, Cudll Me Cudy. JaW.021, Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. TLY007, Mad Moll, Mad Moll. JaW.021.

    Mad Moll. TLY.007
  • Come Under My Plaidie. JMT.107

    Also known as Johnny McGill. JMT.107, Highland Reel. JMT.107, Come Under My Plaidie. JMT107, Johnny McGill. JMT107, Highland Reel. JMT107.

    Come Under My Plaidie. JMT.107
  • Buckingham House

    Also known as Athole Brose, Athole Brose (Buckingham House), Athole Brose [Dm], Athole Brose [Dm] (Buckingham House), Athole Brose [Am] (Buckingham House).

    Buckingham House